MOST ITEMS ARE CUSTOM MADE, but we do stock some of the more popular spurs and colors------Please email "" with any inventory questions!

Caring for your ColorTACK item

Your new spurs or stirrups are valuable hand-made items custom finished by a "Color Tacknician". 

As with any fine piece of equestrian equipment, please handle with care!

Our items should be cleaned as needed with mild soap. A little Armorall works wonders for any unwanted scuff marks. 

Normal wear and tear can be expected as we perform in a highly demanding sport! Try not to drop them on the barn floor and place them gently and protected in your tack trunk when not in use. Although they are designed to hold up, they should not be abused or handled roughly!

Be sure to place spurs on boots that have been cleaned and are free 
from sand and dirt to avoid unwanted abrasion. 

Enjoy your ColorTACK item!