MOST ITEMS ARE CUSTOM MADE, but we do stock some of the more popular spurs and colors------Please email "" with any inventory questions!


Choosing your color is a Spur of the Moment decision...

ColorTackBoothColortack items are coated with a durable space age product, which is a polymer ceramic finish. This offers a rider to have spurs and stirrups with both color variety and durability. This is a baked on epoxy ceramic finish that holds up to normal equestrian wear and is abrasion and corrosion resistant. Our individually hand finished items make a perfect colorful addition to your tack trunk that will not fade or peel. There are MANY colors to choose from, whether fun or understated, in a high gloss or satin finish.

A rider's personal items can also be sent to Colortack for color customization. Just ship your favorite spurs or stirrups, select from the color options and your customized items will be shipped back to you!

This is a great idea for creating camaraderie in the barn, among friends, or for any equestrian related team. It is also the perfect way to individually identify your items and customization is an option that can be added by consultation with a member of our team of "Color Tacknicians". 

Colortack offers a wide variety of high quality spur styles and lengths as well as peacock and traditional fillis stirrup irons. 

Interested in learning more? We'd love to hear from you!